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iLog Student Driving™ User's Guide

Last Update 6/30/2015

Supervised driving log for student drivers. Print form for DMV

Safety First!
Do not text, talk or change settings on any cell phone while driving! It is against the law and serious harm including death may result!

The iLog Student Driving application should only be used
by the authorized instructor/parent who holds a valid driver's license
during any and all student driving sessions!

If the app is on the students iPhone, start the Timer before putting the key into the ignition. Put the phone away in the glove compartment or trunk before starting the engine. Don't worry, the Timer will function while the phone is in sleep mode. Keep the phone put away until the practice driving session is over, the engine is stopped and the key is out of the ignition. At that time, stop the Timer and save the session to the log. (The Timer will work in sleep mode but will NOT work if the phone is completely turned off. This app is intended for use/operation by the instructor or parent while the student is behind the wheel.

More information and how to...

We designed the application to be user friendly and predictable if you are familiar with iPhones. We've included a quick start video and complete users guide for first time iPhone users. Let us know if anything is unclear so we can make adjustments.

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The First Time You Start iLog Student Driving...

The very first time you open iLog Student Driving (and only the very first time), you will be asked for a driver instructor name, his/her license number, a student name, and his/her permit number. You can enter anything in the license and permit areas you want while you are testing/familiarizing yourself with the application. When you want to start actually using the app to log driving times, just add the real name and license/permit numbers, then delete the old names (in that order).

If you have any questions while using the app, click on the Help icon icon in the top right corner to bring up the User's Guide.

View the Quick Start video on this page to get a 30 second overview. A Full Feature video (2:20 minutes long) is available on our YouTube Channel. Google Plus and YouTube

View all the icons in the app and what they represent, below.

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