iLog Student Driving iPhone app drivers education practice permit hours for the DMV Mom or Dad's helper app by DoodleBytes LLC

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: I recently upgraded my iPhone to iOS 9.3. New practice logs do not show the correct weather.

A: 4/15/2016 - We recently became aware of an issue between iLog and the newest iPhone iOS. The ability to change the weather icon is broken. We are in the process of fixing it. In the meantime, a work-a-round would be to use the comment section to add information about the weather encountered during the practice drive.

Q: My wife, my teen and I all have separate iCloud accounts. Will syncing work between all our Apple devices?

A: All devices must be using the same iCloud account in order to sync the logged data information. Currently, although Apple does support Family Sharing of apps between iCloud accounts, Apple does not support syncing the data between those same apps if they have different iCloud accounts. If you have found a way to do this PLEASE SHARE! In the meantime, we are looking into alternatives for our next release.

Q: Will the app continue timing if I completely power down my iPhone?

A: No. If you completely power down the phone (shut off the phone), the timer will stop without saving the session. However, you can put the phone to sleep (lock screen). The timer will continue to run in sleep mode and refresh when you wake the phone so you an complete that session.