iLog Student Driving iOS 7 iOS 8 app for logging driver's practice permit times for the DMV

iLog Student Driving™ User's Guide

Last Update 5/22/2015


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Quick Start

iPhone Home Screen

1. Locate and Open the iLog Student Driving app.

2. Press Allow

Allowing access will enable the automatic detection features like weather, time and date to work properly.

This feature can be changed in your iPhone's Settings screen.

First Time Startup Screen

3. Tap the text fields to enter the full name and license number of a Supervising Driver.

If you want to familiarize yourself with the application before entering real names, license and permit numbers, anything can be entered in these areas. When you are ready to start using the real log, add the real person before deleting the fake person.

Note: Deleting a driver will delete all logs associated with that name.

The information entered here can not be altered. The name/license can only be deleted. When entering the real people to track for the log, make sure the spelling and license number are correct before proceeding.

The License Number of the Supervising Driver may be required by your local DMV. If not, you can enter any combination of numbers and letters into the License Number field.

Press Done

4. Tap the text fields to enter the full name and permit number of a Student Driver. As with the Supervising Driver, type the name exactly as it is printed on the teen's permit license or the name will not print correctly to the completed DMV log printout.

Permit numbers are required on practice logs submitted to your DMV.

Press Done.

The names and numbers displayed will be the information displayed on the log sheet when emailed or printed.

If you have multiple teens learning to drive, additional names can be added on a separate screen. See the Adding Drivers section.

4. Press Next.

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Timer Screen

From now on, every time you open iLog Student Driving, the Timer Screen will be your starting screen.

Setting Timer Defaults

The Drive Timer works as:

  • 00:00:00 A stopwatch (counts up actual time).
  • 00:00:00 A count down timer (useful to set default practice times and overtime alerts.

The default count down timer is set for 30 minutes. You can change the default.

1. Make the Timer settings appear by pressing the numbers on the Timer.

2. Change the time by scrolling up or down over the hours and minutes.

In this case, we changed the minutes from 30 to ten minutes.

3. Tap the Check icon to return to the Timer screen with the new time.

Using the Timer

The current drivers are listed at the top of the screen. If you have multiple teens learning to drive, additional names can be added on a separate screen. See the Adding Drivers section.

1. Start the timer by tapping Start Timer

The 00:00:00 will count up and 00:00:00 will count down (in this case, from ten minutes).

Tip: If you have the wrong driver listed at the top of the Timer screen, you can tap the wrong driver's name and use the Driver's screen to choose the correct driver while the Timer is running. In this case, we do want Annie. See the Adding Drivers section.

2. To pause or stop the timer, press Stop Timer the stop icon. Press it again to continue timing.

When the designated time for practice runs out, the count down timer -00:00:01 will turn red. If your student is not done with their practice driving session, just let the timer continue.

3. Stop the timer at the end of the session with Stop Timer the stop icon.

Tip: This is your last chance to change to the correct driver if the wrong driver is listed. Make the correction now before proceeding.

4. Begin the saving process by tapping the Go to Save icon.

The date and time the practice time began will be displayed. Scroll to make adjustments if needed.

The length of the practice is listed as minutes under Duration. If necessary, make adjustments in the minutes field.

5. Press Go to Save to continue.

If available, Weather and Day/Night conditions will automatically be detected and set.

6. If needed, change the Weather Conditions by tapping the current Weather icon image.

7. Tap the Weather icon which best represents the weather conditions.

8. Open the keyboard to enter Comments by tapping the text field.

9. Press Done.

10. Tap to the left of each Type and Road Conditions encountered during the practice drive so the icon appears.

11. Press the Save to save this session.

The "Success" pop-up window will appear. Congratulations, you have logged your first driving session!

12. Press OK and you will be returned to the New Entry screen.

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Driving Skills Check List

After years of driving, we start taking for granted many typical driving skills or may not know what or where to start with our teens practice driving sessions. For this reason, we've done a little research and included a list of typical driving skills required by many states to receive a Driver's License.

Viewing and Using the Check List

1. From the Timer screen, press Check List at the bottom of the screen.

2. Scroll through the different items on the list.

3. As your student becomes proficient with each skill, tap the circle under Proficient next to the skill to make the appear.

Tip: For a detailed explanation of each skill, tap the > to the right of the skill.

Press < Back at the top of the screen to return to the Skills screen.

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Adding Missed or Deleting Sessions to the Permit Log

From time to time, everyone forgets to time a session or two. Those missed sessions are easy to add to the log.

Adding Missed Sessions

1. Ensure the correct driver is listed at the top of the Timer screen. In this case, we will be adding to Annie's log.

2. Press the Manage Driving Log at the bottom of the Timer screen to proceed.

Note that under Annie's name is listed 10 minutes of day driving, zero minutes of night driving and 10 minutes total drive time logged. These totals were obtained from the 5/30/2015 entry.

1. Press

2. Scroll to the date and time the missed session began. In this case, Saturday, May 2 at 9:30am.

3. Add the duration of the session in minutes. In this case, 45 minutes.

4. Press Done

5. Press Save Next button

6. Complete the Driving Conditions as you would with other driving sessions.

7. Press to Save.

8. Press OK

If you need to add more sessions, repeat the process.

9. When all missed logs have been entered, press < Drive Log at the top of the screen.

The added session has been added to the log. In this case, May 2 for 45 minutes during the Day.

Tip: To delete a session, swipe sideways over the session to be deleted and the delete button will appear.

Return to the Timer screen by pressing < Timer at the top of the screen.

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Adding/Deleting Drivers

With iLog Student Driving, you can create Permit Practice Driving Logs for multiple students! Just be sure to select the correct student when saving a driving session.

Adding Multiple Drivers

1. Tap on the current Driver name to open the Driver's screen.

2. To add a new student,
tap the Add person icon under STUDENT DRIVERS.

3. Tap the text field to open the keyboard.

Tip: You may need to scroll a little to see the Permit field.

4. Enter the student's full name and Permit number EXACTLY as listed on the Driver's Permit.

NOTE: The name and permit number can not be changed or corrected once saved. You can only delete the driver (which will also delete all logs associated with that name), then add a new name.

Press Done.

5. Proof read your entry. If correct, press

If any information is wrong, press cancel to start over.

6. Scroll to choose the driver you which to time or repeat the process to add another driver.

Tip: To delete a driver, scroll to the person's name then press the Delete person icon. You must have more than one driver listed before you can delete any drivers.

7. Return to the Timer screen by pressing < Timer.

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Overtime Alert & Setup

One thing we found lacking in other student driving log apps was an alert to remind us to turn off the timer. So we added one to iLog Student Driving.

An overtime alert can help in a couple different ways. New drivers should start with short practice sessions in a parking lot and work their way up to residential, city streets and highways as they become more proficient and confident in their driving skills. Times will also vary depending on the distance, road conditions, etc.

iLog Student Driving's Overtime Alert has a default of 30 minutes and can be changed to meet your specific needs.

How it Works

In this example, the count down timer 00:10:00 for Duncan Sims is set for ten (10) minutes.

The first indication of going overtime is the color change to red on the count down timer.

If your iPhone has gone to sleep (like most do after a few minutes), a message will appear on the sleep/lock screen after a set number of minutes to remind you the timer is running for the driving session. You can set the default interval to one (1), five (5), fifteen (15), or thirty (30) minutes. See Overtime Alerts.

iLog Student Driving continues to time the session, including overtime, until the stop button is pressed.

If the session time is correct, proceed with the saving process as usual.

If you forgot to turn off the timer when the session stopped, you can change the DURATION minutes before continuing to save.

Select the driving conditions, add comments and save as usual.

Change the Overtime Alert setting in your iPhone Settings.

1. Open Settings.

2. Scroll down until you see the iLog Student Driving icon. Tap.

From this screen, you can change whether or not the application is allowed access to your location, enable the Overtime Alerts and set the Overtime Alert Repeat Interval. In this example, the interval is set for 15 minutes.

The blue represents your current settings. Setting can be changed by tapping the setting you want.

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