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Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for U.S. teens. According to the CDC, you can greatly reduce your teens risk by enrolling your teen in drivers education, classes on defensive driving skills and providing a good roll model with your own driving habits.

After taking a drivers education class at an accredited driving school, logging behind-the-wheel practice driving hours is required in most states. We can help make that easy!

iLog Student Driving for iPhone

The DMV log sheet replacement - track student driving hours for the driving permit on your iPhone!

See our iLog Student Driving Overview Video channel for a Quick Overview or our Full Feature Video.

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The History Behind ilog Student Driving app for iPhone!

While our teenagers were going through driver education and the drivers permit process, we searched for an iPhone app to use as an alternative to paper DMV driving permit log sheet which could easily be lost or destroyed. A few iPhone apps were available, but all fell short or our needs to log our teen driver permit hours: ability to Sync logs between multiple Apple devices, easily add missed sessions, track multiple teen drivers, overtime alert for when we forgot to turn the iPhone app off, etc. Our response, we wrote our own printable teen driving permit log sheet app for iPhone, ready to submit to the DMV!

iLog Student Driving. At the press of a button, start, stop or pause the timer for the behind-the-wheel practice sessions, auto sync the log information data between your iPhone and iPad (devices using the same iCloud account)! Add dates, times, and notes for missed practice sessions. Edit info for one driver while timing another and more! When all the hours or practice driving has been completed, simply email or print the driver's permit log and submit it to your local DMV. Its a great drivers education app to follow your drivers education classes!

iLog Student Driving app for iPhone will:

See our iLog Student Driving Video channel for a Quick Overview or our Full Feature Video.

Additional Features:

Quick Start Tip:

The first time you open iLog Student Driving app, you will be asked for a driver instructor name, his/her license number, a student name, and his/her permit number. You can enter anything in the license and permit areas you want while you are familiarizing yourself with the app. REMEMBER - When you want to using the app to log real driving hours, you need to add the Real Names and license/permit numbers, then delete the old names (in that order).